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Real estate investors are unique – each with his or her particular personal goals and reasons for investing. At NIS we understand real estate investing – that’s all we do – and we make it possible for individual investors to leverage our experience and expertise to meet their own investing goals while respecting their investing parameters. Let us show you how we can help you meet your goals through real estate investments.

Investors make money when they buy real estate, not when they sell. Finding the right property at the right price and with a potential of a great return takes time, capital, and well-developed negotiation skills. NIS allows individual investors to leverage our expertise and full time focus on real estate. Whether you want to be a Capital Partner or enter into a Joint Venture, NIS will work with you to fulfill your personal investing strategy.

Personalized Investment Strategies
NIS understands real estate investors have different goals when investing in real estate. Satisfying your personal investment goals takes strategy and careful planning. NIS will help you develop a creative

Invest with us
NIS is committed to helping people satisfy their real estate investment goals. We want to build long-term investing relationships by offering honest and specialized service. NIS works with a variety of investors with varying levels of experience, from novices to the very sophisticated. Regardless, of your investing expertise, we can help you maximize your returns.

Wholesale Investment Opportunities
Wholesaling allows sellers to move one or more properties in a single transaction quickly and efficiently. The time frame for the wholesale transaction can be very short and properties are sold in an “as is” condition – which may include clouds on the title. A real estate wholesaler contracts with a home seller, markets the home to his potential buyers, and then assigns the contract to the buyer.

For the uninitiated, wholesale properties are a good investment in that they don’t include commissions and other fees charged by real estate agents for their services. While it is true that the buyer will cover closing costs, the overall savings in terms of the lack of commissions, fees and other cash outlay allow investors to buy at a lower rate, and to sell for a higher profit.

Other areas of Service
We work with a team of experts in the following areas:

  • Passive Income Streams
  • Rentals from apartments, mobile homes, houses, commercial units, etc.
  • Leases lease option properties
  • Property Management their team of experts in the field will leverage investors’ time and money by keeping up with great tenants and excellent management.
  • Recreational land where spaces are for rent individually
  • Mobile Home Parks where individual spaces are rented out and a monthly maintenance fee is collected from mobile home owners.
  • Apartment houses and condominiums which bring multiple monthly payments
  • Commercial Spaces such as offices, retail establishments, storage unit facilities, industrial buildings.
  • Portfolio Income
  • Tax Liens
  • Discount Notes
  • Seller Financing
  • Hard Money Lending
  • Venture Capital
  • Angel Investors

Despite the primary focus consists of rehabbing, wholesaling and land development our goal is to expand our revenue streams to all sources of real estate and to increase our team of expertise to create more jobs and have a larger network of investors interested in leveraging from our talented team.

Current Investment Opportunities with NIS

Capital Partner
Our Capital Partners investment varies in the amount of return they are aiming to achieve. NIS preferred stock or debt securities. Partners receive a preferred dividend or interest payment between 6% – 10% annually. Capital Partner funds are utilized to acquire and renovate potential cash-flow positive assets.

Joint Venture
Joint Ventures allow individual investors to diversify their investment portfolio through the joint acquisition of cash-flow positive properties with NIS. Investors contribute the asset acquisition cost plus 50% of the renovation costs; NIS oversees the acquisition, renovation, and ongoing management of the assets. Upon asset disposition, Investors receive 50% of the net proceeds. Investor returns will vary on a per-property basis. Anticipated investor returns will be presented and discussed prior to investor commitment.

NIS Real Estate Investment Fund
Accredited investors may choose to invest in the NIS Real Estate Investment Fund. This fund focuses on acquiring wholesale properties and mortgage notes with up to eleven short and long term exit strategies for a well-diversified, risk-mitigated, and moderate to high yield addition to your investment portfolio.

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