Meet the Team

Roberto Serrano and Elizabeth Valles formed Nevada Investment Solutions LLC in order capitalize on various inequities in the Nevada real estate market and create win-win solutions for sellers, buyers, and investors.

By strategically acquiring properties and tactically reinvigorating them in an economically efficient manner, NIS successfully resolves those inequalities, providing viable exit strategies to sellers while providing investors the opportunity to meet their individual goals.

Once properties are acquired and reinvigorated, NIS will hold them as cash-performing rentals. Properties are sold at fair market value when doing so maximizes investor gains or provides liquidity for the acquisition of more assets.

A priority for Roberto and Elizabeth is developing individual partnerships and key professional relationships. Their vision is to improve the lives of people by providing viable, hassle-free real estate solutions; to create outstanding, risk-mitigated opportunities for investors; and to improve the Nevada economy through neighborhood reinvigoration and job creation.



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