About Us

Nevada Investment Solutions LLC is a real estate investment company located in Las Vegas Nevada. The business has developed a tactical strategy for identifying profitable properties and maximizing profitability. Nevada Investment solutions LLC will only invest in homes that are far below market value in order to maximize profits after renovations. The Company’s success lies in economically efficient renovations of well-located properties with market potential. The company will rent the majority of its houses, selling properties when it makes sense financially, or if cash flows needed to acquire more desirable properties. The company will take advantage of partnerships and relationships with key professionals.

The business will aggressively seek to keep overhead costs low and will limit investments to properties that will have higher returns.

Nevada Investment Solutions LLC’s operations will include: 

  • Assessment of properties
  • Renovations of acquired properties
  • Property rentals and sales
  • Wholesale properties

Currently the Company owns and leases five residential real estate properties in the Las Vegas Nevada area.



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